The Key is Changing Directions

Hello I’m Steven Forth. I am a behavioral consultant in the San Francisco Bay area. I provide private consults, behavioral assessment, family workshops and professional development. I spent countless hours in meetings with the schools and families advocating for the needs of students who don’t fit neatly in the educational box. I am on a mission to help others translate the true meaning behind behaviors we may not understand. Do you know someone who has behaviors that you do not understand? 


Behavior is a language that individuals use to communicate with the world. Learning the language of behavior is the process of understanding what a person actually achieves through their behavior rather than being distracted by the outward appearance of the behavior. The methods I promote are based on extensive research in combination with years of practical application in real world situations. 

School Consultations

I am available to consult and collaborate with teachers, administrators, and other professionals. Generally, I conduct observations and then meet with staff to deliver recommendations and troubleshoot challenging situations. I can also represent a school or district to provide objective input and recommendations during IEP meetings. I have the unique ability to defuse potentially litigious situations

Functional Behavior Assessments


A short video testimonial by a parent who received help from me. She speaks from the parent’s point of view about the challenges she faced and how I had guided the family for a child who experienced the symptoms of ADHD, Tourette’s syndrome, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), and Other Health Impairment.

“This letter serves as a reference in support of the character of Steve Forth, a behavior therapist for my autistic son. Mr. Forth has worked with my son for more than five years. During all that time he has been conscientious, kind and careful, respectful of privacy needs, and available when needed for consultation or help. I consider him an invaluable resource. My son has grown under his care in ways that would not have evolved without Mr. Forth’s help…
SS, PhD” ~ (Notarized reference letter from a mother of one of my clients)

“Working with Steven has been eye opening and amazing! When we first connected, I thought that as a behaviorist, Steven would be working directly with our son. Instead, he’s worked with us, the parents. He’s taught us about behavioral psychology and helped us better understand our son and his motivations. He’s also provided us with a powerful framework to use with our son. I now understand how to assist my son in adapting his behavior in a deliberate, intelligent, and straightforward way. The science is fascinating and I love that I can use the tools we’ve learned to improve myself as well!” ~ J.S. (Father of a client)

Upcoming Workshops

Stay tuned for my upcoming workshops for 2021.