Virtual Behavior Services

Behavioral Concierge Services are designed for the family who usually needs monthly support but also needs help quickly when it is necessary. This service includes the ability to speak with me anytime by phone within 24 hours but usually directly during business hours. There is also one included hour of video conferencing or in person direct time per month. These individuals have full access to the training and groups that I conduct as well as all of the resources on this site included in the service. 
This service is a monthly subscription.

Virtual Parent Support Groups meet on a regular basis and are designed to support parents that are interested in learning behavioral principles to create harmonious and productive home environments. We discuss how to create internal motivation for everyone in the household to engage in durable self-guided growth. The groups can be accessed as a series or on a drop-in basis.

Individual Virtual Behavior Consults is designed for the parent, teacher, administrator, and therapist who may need customized advice on how to interact with challenging behaviors from others. This model is designed for individuals who need support less frequently than once per month. These times are generally booked with at least a one week notice. These services are billed hourly.

Online Training Modules and Videos includes training modules for parents, teachers, and other professionals. It includes resources on a diverse range of behavioral topics. There is free and paid content in this area.

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